SPIRAL Bas Relief

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A symbol of creative power and perpetual motion, the spiral pattern is one of the most sought-after wall decor options that adapt perfectly to modern and classic decorating styles. Reminiscent of a cozy knitted rug, the embossed 3D painting SPIRAL creates a special lamp-like mood and gives the interior an actual vintage touch.
The product is made of a high-quality mineral mixture that does not contain harmful compounds in the composition. Textured material forms a harmonious pair with other natural coverings, for example, stone, wood, or coarse textiles, creating a lively and warm environment. Due to the cyclicity of the image, the gypsum bas-relief optically expands the space, which makes it an ideal choice for decorating small and cramped rooms. The panel is made according to the individual dimensions of the customer and can act as an accent wall or a means of visual zoning in open-plan properties.
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