Design Line

Design Line is an unusual collection of 3D panels that have an unrepeatable design. The authors of the models are designers and architects. And the Deco Line company embodies unique author's sketches into reality and presents them to the whole world. Like other gypsum panels, this line is also made of eco-friendly material, durable, provides sound insulation, and a high level of fire resistance.

Project Creation History and Description

The mission of the Design Line project by Deco Line is to bring to life new ideas of creative designers and architects.
Our company has long been engaged in the production of gypsum decorations (3D panels, sculptures, cornices, ceiling, and wall decorations). At the same time, we strive to give an aesthetic look to each environment.
Taking into account the peculiarities of our products, we took on this project, which will allow us to create new connections with creative designers, architects, have a unique collection, and always remain in trend. When we say the project, we mean cooperation between the author of a new model, designer, or architect (hereinafter referred to as the author) and our company. In other words, our company embodies unique author's sketches into reality and presents them to the whole world. The author of the sketch naturally receives his share of the sale of the model. An agreement is signed with the author of the sketch, which is the basis for further cooperation. The contract stipulates all the details of the cooperation, as well as the author's share of the model's sale.

Cooperation comprises of the following stages:

  1. The designer or architect creates a sketch of the model.
  2. The art director of the company approves the sketch or proposes to make certain changes.
  3. When the sketch is ready, the author and the company’s engineer discuss the technical issues related to the production.
  4. The author of the sketch suggests the name of the model.
  5. Next, the cost of the model is determined by its author and the company’s financial director.
  6. The author and the director of the marketing department discuss the marketing strategy of the model.

The company assumes all costs for the production and sale of the model.

Why participate in the project?

  1. Any model included in the project can be a stable source of income for the author.
  2. This project will bring great worldwide recognition to the designer/architect, as the company will constantly advertise the models created by the author.
  3. Thanks to the project, designers and architects from different countries will get to know each other, which will allow new collaborations.
  4. With active participation in the project, the author will always be in a creative tone.

Duties of the parties

The company commits to

  1. Pay the author's share for the sold product within 15 working days after receiving the final amount of the transaction.
  2. Set the author's share at 5% of the cost of each transaction.
  3. Make any changes regarding the appearance of the model only with the consent of the designer.
  4. Mention the author's name on the website and other social platforms where the model will be presented.
  5. Treat all designers, architects, and models impartially

The designer/architect commits to

  1. Justify the company that the presented model was created exclusively by him/her and is his/her intellectual property.
  2. Provide the company with the model created for the project free of charge, except for the share received from the sale.
  3. Grant the company the exclusive right to use the models.
  4. Do not interfere in the internal affairs of the company, in particular, in the price-marketing policy, the system of discounts, and the production.

The rest of the details of the cooperation are presented in a copy of the contract.