Decoration of wall

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Gypsum moldings are an excellent tool for giving a unique look to a residential or commercial space. Structurally, the products have the form of overhead strips of straight or figured configuration, which are mounted on the walls or ceiling. This kind of stucco decoration is often used as an edging of various details: mirrors, paintings, window and door openings, arches, or niches. Elegant gypsum moldings will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of luxurious mansions, apartments, or offices, decorated in the manner of Empire, classicism, art nouveau, or rococo. For modern styles, smooth designs are suitable, and are subsequently combined into repeating horizontal or vertical blocks.
Functions of gypsum moldings in the interior:

  • are used for visual zoning of large-scale areas
  • conceal finishing defects and docking joints
  • smooth out the contrasting transition between colors
  • successfully mask engineering communications, for example, wiring passing through the wall
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