PEONY Bas Relief

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A symbol of romance, sensuality, and family well-being. Traditionally, a magnificent peony is used to decorate the home interior. According to the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, the image of this flower has a positive effect on the room's energy, enhances the stability of relationships, and gives good luck in business. In ancient Greece, it was believed that the presence of a peony in the house drives away evil spirits and helps to get rid of any diseases. The elegant bas-relief PEONY will be an ideal decor option for a bedroom, living room, and women's boudoir, decorated in a modern classic or modern style. Monochrome 3D drawing with clear rounded contours harmonizes the environment, forming an aura of comfort, warmth, and tenderness in the room. It is a great purchase for those who appreciate the individuality of personal space and love unique solutions in the interior. Hidden LED lighting will set off the relief surface of the product and make the gypsum wall panel even more expressive and spectacular.
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