ROYALTY Bas Relief

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The gypsum bas-relief ROYALTY, created in the style of an Indian mandala, is an original wall decor filled with a deep sacred meaning. The complex structure of the ancient geometric symbol evokes a sense of peace in all those present, helps to concentrate attention, and imbues the room with an aura of peace and wisdom. Symmetrically arranged repeating elements in the form of flower petals resemble a newly opened bud. Installing built-in lighting around the edges will give the picture restrained dynamics, making it even more embossed and expressive.
The snow-white decorative panel looks luxurious in the interior, emphasizing the refined taste of the property owner. Such a 3D canvas is perfect for decorating the home and commercial locations, in which everyone will feel calm and confident. At the customer's request, the picture can be painted in any color, harmoniously combined with the general background of the decoration.
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