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The well-known pattern, known to us as a fingerprint, is a unique code that is inherent in each person and does not match with others. Fingerprinting as a method of identifying a person has long been used in various state structures. Recently, this theme has found its reflection in architectural design. A gypsum fingerprint, enlarged many times and placed on the wall, looks incredibly picturesque in the interior. Such a picture will radically transform the space, adding lively energy to the room decor.
Having ordered a FINGERPRINT 3D panel from the masters of Deco Line, you can be sure of the uniqueness and impeccable execution of the decor. Stylish decoration integrates well into different design concepts, emphasizing the creative nature of the property owner. In addition to the original aesthetics, a clear ornament of curls and curved lines carries some sacred meaning, opening the veil of secrecy over the past and future. It is one of the most unusual wall decoration options that will never lose relevance.
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