RUNNER Bas Relief

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Properly selected wall decor carries not only an aesthetic but also an emotional load, directly affecting the energy of residential and commercial spaces. Want to add dynamics to your interior? Find inspiration in the workplace and make the environment bright and expressive? The original gypsum bas-relief RUNNER will be an excellent option for interior design, charging everyone in the room with success.
Made of high-quality, environmentally friendly material, the 3D painting is distinguished by its durability and longevity. The product does not turn yellow under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, does not crumble, and does not need special care. A clear drawing gives incredible realism to the image, and additional lighting emphasizes the relief of every detail. Depending on the size, the decorative panel occupies the entire surface or is placed on a certain section of the wall. If necessary, the original white color can be changed to any shade chosen by the customer.
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