MIND GAME Bas Relief

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Themed interior wall cladding is a great way to indicate the direction of your business and create a certain mood in the room. Deco Line gypsum bas-reliefs will enhance the aesthetics of office space, help divide a room into functional areas, and highlight the unique spirit of creativity specific to your organization.
The wall panel MIND GAME is more suitable than ever for decorating modern organizations, architectural offices, coaching centers, and other locations where people are engaged in intellectual work. The ornament, reminiscent of a complex puzzle, organically fits into the business environment, unobtrusively forming a positive image style of the company. Thanks to a clear graphical basis, the unusual 3D canvas does not visually overload the interior while maintaining a sense of freedom and lightness. The product meets all sanitary and hygienic standards, does not emit harmful compounds, is fire resistant, and can be used to decorate commercial sites with high traffic.
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