CROCUS Bas Relief

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The floral theme in the interior will never lose its relevance. The artful depiction of floral bouquets brings a sense of warmth and joy to the room's decor, bringing us back to the origins of natural beauty.
The three-dimensional CROCUS bas-relief fits perfectly into modern and classic design concepts. Delicate, miniature crocuses, the first harbingers of spring, look very elegant on the wall in the bedroom, improve the energy of the living room or study, and add a positive mood to commercial locations.
The decorative panel is made of a high-quality, snow-white gypsum mixture without harmful impurities in the composition. Depending on the customer's wishes, the ready product can occupy the entire surface of the wall or act as an unusual accent highlighting a specific part of the room. The built-in lighting around the perimeter helps to emphasize the expressiveness of the composition. The vertical orientation of the picture visually changes the architectural proportions, as it "stretches" the ceiling.
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