ROSE Bas Relief

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The image of roses in the interior refreshes the space making it more noble and refined. It is a versatile wall decor option for various locations: from a trendy art cafe to a comfortable lounge area in an apartment or office. The ROSE gypsum panel stands out for its graceful lines and light, unobtrusive design. The product harmoniously fits into modern stylistic trends, optically expands room boundaries, and adds a sense of spaciousness and ease to the atmosphere. Thanks to the cyclic pattern, the 3D picture looks great from any angle. And the presence of built-in lighting around the perimeter gives the relief composition additional dynamism and volume. The flower bas-relief is made of high-strength white material, but at the customer's request, the shade can be changed. The model has no size restrictions and can be placed on the entire wall surface and a specific section of it.
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