ASTER Bas Relief

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Abstraction in interior design is a popular genre of decorative art that can radically change the atmosphere of the interior of an apartment, house, or office. Using an unusual wall decor, you will create a certain mood in the room, emphasize the exclusivity of the space and successfully disguise some of the room's architectural features.
Gypsum bas-relief ASTER, reminiscent of a strange flower and, at the same time, a radiant star, attracts attention with its intricate geometry and precision in every detail. The elegant image has a universal character, integrates well into various style concepts, does not overload the space, and looks light and airy. The elongated structure of the ornament visually increases the height of the ceiling and expands the boundaries of the walls. The presence of illumination helps to highlight the relief of the original 3D canvas, forming a whimsical play of light and shadow on the surface. With the help of such solutions from Deco Line, you can quickly and efficiently transform any apartment without resorting to expensive repairs.
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