MUSIC Bas Relief

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Is it possible to represent music? Yes, if you have a creative vision and can translate your ideas into accessible graphic forms. Just like the talented architects of Deco Line, who can come up with an original sketch, just enjoying their favorite subwoofer tracks.
Wall bas-relief MUSIC is a new work of our craftsmen, designed to decorate rooms in different directions. The pattern consisting of concentric circles changes the perception of space, optically expands it, and fills it with powerful energy flows. Underlined by the built-in backlight, the relief 3D picture literally “comes to life” before our eyes, forcing the audience to mentally immerse themselves in the bass-rich melody. The laconic design of the decorative panel will successfully fit into the atmosphere of a stylish cafe, recording studio, art gallery, coworking space, or other modern locations. The product does not crumble and does not require complex maintenance. It is made of wear-resistant gypsum following the dimensions of the customer.
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