DILEMMA Bas Relief

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Psychologists say that the key to a strong relationship is the different interests and hobbies of partners. But how difficult it is for two strong characters to get along in a pair! After all, to accept someone else's opinion, it is necessary to have truly boundless wisdom and patience.
Decorative panel DILEMMA, symbolizing the unity and struggle of opposites, will not only decorate the interior of your home but also, at the right time, will remind you that life is an eternal search for compromises. No wonder the embodiment of the idea was chosen images of elephants, having long and personified strength, mind, dignity, and invincibility. The powerful animal has virtually no rivals in the wildlife. Also, the owner of this bas-relief is not afraid of any obstacles. The only necessity is to direct his powerful energy in the right direction and enlist the support of a loved one.
The product attracts with its philosophical plot and premium workmanship. Gypsum decor of this level will ideally fit into the most fashionable environment, playing the role of the final chord of the entire interior symphony.
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