FORTUNA Bas Relief

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They say that success is 50% luck. And, no matter how hard you go toward your intended goal, a little help "from above" will never hurt. The gypsum bas-relief "Fortuna" will become your guide to the world of commercial triumph and material well-being. It will strengthen faith in one's strengths and protect from the machinations of envious people and competitors.
The real personification of female beauty with a cornucopia in her hands gives victory in any endeavor, promotes career growth, and strengthens friendly ties. In addition, the spirit of Fortune protects travelers, favors respectable women, and attracts wealth to the house. But do not forget about the inconstancy and waywardness of the ancient Roman deity, which is clearly hinted at by the wings behind the back and the eyes covered with eyelids. A moment - and the patroness of luck will fly away to another ...
Do you want to be Fortuna's favorite? Place her 3D portrait in the interior of an apartment, office, or business facility. Enjoy the divine energy embodied in a luxurious masterpiece from premium materials by Deco Line!
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