MATRIX Bas Relief

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Thanks to the cult American film masterpiece, we all have some idea of what the original code of the fantasy world of the Matrix looks like - it is a green “techno-rain” consisting of an endless stream of signs and symbols. And regardless of whether you believe in virtual reality or not, the hypnotic beauty of this original image leaves few indifferent.
The designers of Deco Line repeated the super popular ornament in the wall format, getting an incredible result in its expressiveness. MATRIX gypsum panel, in the form of thin relief stripes, goes well with other decorative elements, especially if they are designed in a laconic modern style. The vertical orientation of the pattern optically “pulls out” the space, creating the illusion of high ceilings even in a standard-sized room. A unique bas-relief can occupy the entire wall or be used to highlight individual sections of the room. The color scheme of the coating is selected depending on the customer's preferences.
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