BIG WAVE Bas Relief

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Gypsum panel BIG WAVE is an unexpected design solution that can radically change the surrounding space. The use of smooth zigzag lines adds dynamism to the living environment while at the same time making it more comfortable. The versatility of the pattern allows you to harmoniously fit the product into various locations - from the home bedroom to a stylish art studio, cafe, or office, designed following modern trends.
Thanks to such a non-trivial wall decor, the room acquires its own "character", which distinguishes it favorably from other typical projects. Initially, the snow-white composition can be painted in any chosen color scheme, acting as a bright color accent in the interior. Bas-reliefs from Deco Line do not lose their clarity of form and can be quickly repaired if necessary. They are made from environmentally friendly material, do not fade under the influence of sunlight, and do not emit harmful compounds into the room's atmosphere.
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