WOMEN Bas Relief

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The classic plot of the "Three Graces" is an inexhaustible source of inspiration that has no time frames and restrictions. Images of naked Charites (ancient Greek goddesses of fun and joy of life) captured on the canvases of Botticelli, Rubens, and Raphael do not lose their relevance today. And their recognizable pose, when the two extreme figures are turned to face the viewer, and the central one - with their backs, has long become the standard of grace and perfection of the female body.
The WOMEN gypsum bas-relief, created by Deco Line based on the famous antique composition, looks appropriate in modern interiors and will become a worthy decoration of the most presentable environment. The finely sculptured relief painting gives rise to a feeling of inner purity and harmony, filling the room with an aura of chastity, love, and tenderness. The decorative panel is made according to the individual dimensions, allowing it to be placed as correctly as possible on any part of the wall surface. If desired, the product is complemented by hidden lighting.
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