HYGEIA Bas Relief

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The beautiful goddess Hygeia is one of the most revered figures in Greek mythology. Born from the union of Aesculapius and Athena, she personifies the harmony of man and Nature, maintaining divine purity at all levels: from the physical to the spiritual and emotional. Feeding the Snake from the ritual bowl is a symbol of immortality, wisdom, and healing, with which Hygiea gives us hope for a long and happy life spent under the protection of higher powers.
A gypsum bas-relief depicting the patroness of health will be an excellent acquisition for everyone associated with healing. Embodied in the format of a 3D painting, the ancient guardian of personal and social well-being will restore the energy of the internal space and improve its aesthetic qualities, organically fitting into the classical and modern surroundings.
Wall panels from Deco Line will emphasize the elegance of the interior of any home or commercial location. The product is made from an environmentally friendly and fire-resistant gypsum mixture according to the individual dimensions of the customer.
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