VOLUME Bas Relief

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Mesmerizing VOLUME 3D embossed canvas with hypnotic depth is a vivid example of how the right wall decor changes the perception of the surrounding space. The combination of several geometric shapes in one composition, a bizarre play of light and shadow, creates a magical optical illusion, adding expression to the interior.
The original drawing of the gypsum bas-relief creates a sense of perspective, visually elongating the architectural proportions of the room. This effect works great in small areas: home living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, personal libraries, or compact office rooms. Depending on the customer's wishes, the product can occupy the entire surface of the wall or a separate part of it. Built-in LED lighting (optional) gives the picture an expressive volume and can be used as an additional light source. The model is subject to coloring, so it will harmoniously fit into any color scheme of the room design.
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