AMBERD Bas Relief

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The medieval complex of Amberd, located halfway to the top of Aragats, is a magnificent example of Armenian fortification. The powerful stone walls of the three-storied citadel against the background of a transparent blue sky create an incredibly beautiful picture, which has become one of the symbols of modern Armenia. The image of the castle can be found on many art canvases, and not so long ago, it was immortalized in a rare postage stamp put into circulation in Yerevan.
Deco Line designers also could not ignore this masterpiece of world architecture. Thanks to their love and painstaking work, the company's customers have a unique opportunity to enjoy their native landscape anywhere in the world. A luxurious plaster bas-relief, repeating the outlines of an ancient fortification, will harmoniously fit into the decor of a living room, bedroom, or office. The masterfully executed 3D panel will envelop those present with a feeling of reliable protection and strength that comes from the legendary "fortress in the clouds".
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