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There are several ways to achieve a feeling of lightness and airiness in the interior: the absence of bulky furniture, the choice of a neutral color palette, and original wall decor that will add grace to the room's decor.
Gypsum panel DANDELIONS is a successful design solution for spaces decorated in modern or classic style. For most of us, a charming flower is associated with warm summer days and awakens good memories and positive emotions. In some ancient practices, this uncomplicated plant symbolizes joy, loyalty, and devotion. It improves well-being and attracts good luck.
A voluminous 3D canvas depicting dandelions generates favorable energy, which makes it appropriate to look in any part of the house or office. The vertical orientation of the pattern helps to correct the architectural features of the room, visually raising the ceiling and stretching the walls. Built-in lighting emphasizes the relief and allows one to see every detail of the filigree work.
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