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Located near Yerevan, the Christian shrine, called the "Temple of the Vigilant Angels," has a rich and long history. It is one of the most authoritative architectural monuments in Europe, dating back to the 7th century. The well-preserved stone ruins and the territory around them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And the Armenian Zvartnots is also imprinted on the wall of the famous Parisian chapel Sainte-Chapelle, in a bas-relief about the history of Noah's Ark.
Give yourself the joy of admiring the stronghold of faith and spiritual strength in your own home. The three-dimensional composition ZVARTNOTS, made of gypsum mixture, will decorate the interior of any room, filling it with an atmosphere of majestic beauty and harmony. As if woven from light and air, the image perfectly conveys the feelings of visiting the temple complex, giving birth to peace and tranquility in the heart. Near such decor, it is pleasant to relax, indulge in memories, and pay tribute to the Motherland, even far beyond its borders. For clearer relief around the perimeter of the canvas, you can install a built-in backlight.
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